How to make payment via IFIC Mobile Banking for PEPBIS Online Shop
You can make your payment for PEPBIS @ free of Charge any amount via your own personal bKash wallet. Kindly follow the instructions of payment processes of IFIC Mobile Banking.
For a Merchant Payment, please follow the below steps:
  1. Dial *255#
  2. Select the "Wallet Account" from the menu by entering "1"
  3. Select the "Payments" from the menu by entering "3"
  4. Select "Merchant Payment" from the menu by entering "1"
  5. Enter the Merchant Account No(01980055515)
  6. Enter the Amount you want to pay
  7. Enter Reference (e.g: Order ID)
  8. Enter 0 to skip counter number unless the merchant instructs you to
  9. Confirm the transaction by entering your secret PIN.
(Done! You will receive a confirmation message from IFIC Mobile Banking)

Need any help Call to our customer Care: 09602111259
IFIC Customer  Care :  16255
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